Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Brick Oven

Pizza lovers would identify with the fact that no other pizza can beat the taste off the one cooked in a brick pizza oven. Foodies and pizza lovers globally prefer eating fresh pizzas prepared in brick pizza ovens and therefore the demand for such pizzas is more. If you are contemplating whether or not to purchase and install such a kind of oven in your backyard, then here is a list of advantages which will help you decide.

Higher Cooking Temperature: One of the benefits of brick oven is that the heat from the source (wood flame) spreads across oven and is then consumed by the block dividers inside. This warmth is then transmitted equally over the vault and the floor of the oven on the other hand remains relatively cool. Once the broiler is truly hot, the cooking temperature ranges from 570 to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a consistent fire inside the stove will ensure that the cooking temperature is maintained. To make a good pizza, such an environment is required.

Purchasing A Brick Oven

Faster Cooking: Since there is high warmth in the thick dividers, pizza gets cooked rapidly inside brick ovens. It takes mere 2-3 minutes for the pizza to be cooked completely. This is very useful when you have to serve large number of people such as in case of home guests or if you are hosting parties.

Superior Crust: Due to the high temperature, the warmth of the flame and the warmth reverberating off the dividers inside, the outer crust of the pizza becomes crispy fast. Thus, all the dampness present in the pizza is closed. This helps to keep the base of the batter from being very soggy and results in a tasty, puffy yet chewy pizza crust.

Amazing Flavor: It is only in brick oven pizzas that you will be able to enjoy the smoky flavor. This cannot be duplicated otherwise in a conventional oven. This is because the high temperature produces peculiar flavors which are otherwise not replicated in usual cooking. However, you should remember that high heat tends to kill the taste of olive oil. Therefore it is good idea to drizzle your cooked pizza with some high quality olive oil before serving it.

pizza becomes crispy fast

Crisp Toppings: The high warmth as well as consistent air flow within the brick oven tend to seal the moisture and it cooks the toppings evenly as well as quickly. The vegetable toppings will be much crisper than those on pizzas cooked in conventional ovens. This quick cooking also allows the vitamins and various other minerals to stay within the vegetables. The cheese too does not burn away but instead melts properly and has a smoky flavor to it.

It is due to all these varied reasons why you should consider purchasing a brick oven for your home, as it is an efficient way of cooking pizzas. Apart from pizzas you will be able to cook many other delicacies such as desserts, pastas and bake dishes too.