Try the Classic Cheese Lasagna At Bello Deli

If you are in the Montreal area and in the mood for something Italian, you probably can’t go wrong with cheese lasagna from Bello Deli.


Cheese lasagna is one of the most classic, iconic pasta dishes around.  It is also pretty simple, containing only a few ingredients, but yields something tasty, gooey, and satisfying.  A good classic lasagna mixes ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese with parsley (and egg, if you so desire) layered with a hearty marinara sauce and, of course, pasta.


Of course, nothing completes an Italian meal—or starts one off the right way—like a fresh and clean salad.  The most recommended salad, obviously, would be the Caprese salad—that simple, filling, savory plate consisting only of buffalo mozzarella, basil, and juicy tomatoes—a great way to start a meal.

Now, there are a handful of other salad options to open the meal too.  Consider options that include ingredients from light to hearty options that can truly round out your dinner:

  • quinoa pesto
  • Mediterranean
  • orzo and bacon
  • classic Caesar
  • tri-color vegetables
  • fresh herb salad


On the other hand, another great course in any Italian dinner is the soup course. And you will find a remarkable of fresh soup options too. This includes:

  • minestrone (obviously)
  • butternut squash
  • lentil
  • peppers and roasted sweet potato
  • pasta fagioli
  • carrots and peas and orange and Rouquett
  • Stracciatella (egg and cheese)


Maybe you are not quite in the mood for something as rich as a lasagna and soup or salad. Maybe you just want something quick or light or a little more practical. This is where you might want to consider a ciabatta sandwich.  Specialty hot pressed (though some are served cold, deli style) these options include:

  • caprese (tomato and mozzarina with bread olives)
  • jardiniera (picked vegetables with goat cheese and bread olives)
  • nonino (Italian-style cooked ham, swiss cheese, tomato and dijon mustard)
  • muffelatta (cold deli meat, spicy olives, and provolone cheese)
  • polpetti (meatballs and sopressatta sausage with roasted peppers and caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce)
  • Italian sub (prosciutto, tomato, and mozzarina).

Of course, you can also get classic sandwiches like tuna salad, turkey bacon avocado, or a steak sandwich with caramelized dehydrated onion mozzarella, marinated eggplant, and aioli.