Three Great High Protein Snacks

Getting through from one meal to the next can be tough in todays fast paced world. While we all know that breakfast is important, it is all too easy to skip it or just grab a banana on the way out the door. For many of us lunch is a quick grab between meetings or even over a lunchtime meeting. Neither of these are a good way to make sure we are getting enough good nutritious food into our system while we work.

What is even worse, when we find ourselves hungry and low in energy, especially at the dreaded 3PM slowdown, we usually grab something sweet to give us that fast pickup. But protein, not sugar and fat, is what we really need to keep everything running smoothly. Here are three great pick-me-ups to help you get through that fast-paced day.

Kid-Friendly Peanut Butter

Okay, if you are allergic to peanuts this won’t work for you but you can always substitute other types of nut butters instead. Why not have a jar of peanut butter handy and just add it to celery sticks for a quick snack that is crunchy and healthy. If you find celery too boring, why not brings carrots that you dunk into the peanut butter for a quick snack that is full of good stuff.

How about taking an apple, scooping out the center of it, and filling it with crunchy peanut butter? Nut butters of all kinds are great for fast protein and have other trace elements that help our muscles work better, eyes see better and keep our skin and hair healthy. What isn’t there to love about a nut butter break?

Don’t Be a Jerk, Eat One!

While beef jerky may have gotten some bad press in the last decade or two as an unhealthy and overly salty snack, that is all changing these days. You can make your own healthy jerky out of turkey or even bison, and make it in a way that is low salt and all protein. Many folks are trying their hand at making it at home as a snack that will last a long time on the shelf and stay tasty.

Just slice up some beef or turkey, dry it in the oven, add your own flavorings if you feel like it and voila, you have a jerky that is homemade, tasty and good for you. Forget that prepackaged stuff you see hanging around the cash register at the highway gas station, this is gourmet food that is ready to go when you are.

Shaking Up Snack Time

Have you checked out those protein powder shakes lately? If you tried them out when they first arrived on local grocery shelves back about a decade ago, they were pretty tasteless then. But today there are protein powder shakes that are tasty and have added protein and vitamins to make them an even better mid-meal snack. Bring a big jar with a solid lid if you don’t have a blender at the office, add in something extra such as orange juice and yogurt to make a quick easy shake that can’t be beat.