The Staples of Chinese Food

Chinese food tastes great, and the extremely high popularity of food whose origins are in that part of the world can be seen very clearly merely by considering the number of Chineserestaurants and takeaway places that are present in every city. Even though there is quite a variety of food that one can purchase at a Chinese restaurant or to be delivered, a sizable portion of Chinese food is based on a relatively small number of staples.

30flushing01_600 The Most Popular Foods

The first type of Chinese food that can be considered a staple is rice. A visit to any Chinese locality will convince you beyond doubt of how much Chinese people love rice. The most common form of this delicacy is as steamed, white rice, to which a variety of stews and sauces can be added to give a diverse range of flavour. Apart from being eaten directly, rice is also used as the primary raw material in the production of beers, wines and vinegars. Produced mainly in the farming areas of southern China, rice is undisputed in its seat as China’s most popular food.

Noodles have a very wide range of variety. Most people might be more used to the instant type that can be bought from supermarket shelves across the country, but even a taste of noodles freshly prepared by an experienced Chinese food cook will taste much better, as you would definitely know if you’ve ever gotten Chinese delivery in Bath from Hotcha. Noodles can come dry or fresh, and in a wide range of sizes as well as shapes, textures and toppings. They can be served hot or cold. Although they are most commonly made from rice and wheat flour, other types such as soybean are also used on some occasions.


Tofu, one of the most common products found in Chinese food, is made from soybeans. It is acclaimed for its high content of protein, and it has often been chosen to replace meat and fish consumption. Even for people who have not completely sworn off meat and fish, tofu can be a very healthy, as well as tasty, option. Apart from tofu, soybeans can be processed into many other products such as soy milk, soy paste, soy oil and fermented soy sauce, all of which are very important in Chinese cooking.

Tips for Ordering Chinese Takeout

When you decide to get Chinese food, the choice of where to get it from is an important one. First, you will have to consider the quality of the food in terms of taste. While you might already have a place you frequent, you should sample the opinions of your friends and family who also love Chinese cuisine so as to be sure that you are getting the best tasting meals you could possibly get in that particular area. The speed of delivery is something else you need to take into consideration.

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