The Minipresso GR: Perfect for the Nomad Barrista

Some of us spend all of our time at home or in an office with a well-equipped kitchen, but for many of us such a lifestyle is not possible or desirable. Whether you’re on the road a lot, or a student with a limited budget, the Minipresso GR is a gift from heaven for any caffeine addict.

More and more, going camping does not mean eating baked beans from the can and shivering through the night. People are increasingly insisting on their little luxuries, and a beautiful cup of espresso in the morning, or after meals, rates highly for many.

How it Works

Considering how novel the concept is, the Minipresso (see Minipresso GR review) is actually easier to use than many countertop espresso makers. You simply assemble it, add the coffee grounds (don’t tamp them down like you’ll see in videos, or the pressure will be too great) and add hot water from a kettle or thermos.

Press the hand plunger a few times to pass the water through the grounds, which does not require any great level of finger strength, and voila! The quality of the brew is far higher than you’d expect from something so small and simple, with full body and rich espresso cream on top.

Eating your lunch in the fresh air of a park is a special experience you can treat yourself to every day; just think of how much better it will be if you can finish it with a freshly-brewed cup of perfect espresso!

Carry Your Coffee Machine in Your Pocket

The cup forms part of the device’s construction. You can pop it back on without cleaning it and you shouldn’t experience any leaks, but cleaning the Minipresso under a tap is both easy and quick. The construction is really solid, good for many hundreds of cups and a few bumps along the way.

It’s easy and quick to use, producing a cup of espresso within a minute as long as you have hot water ready. The result of using half-tepid water is drinkable, though not ideal.

The main drawback to this product is that it is really intended only to produce one cup at a time. If you’re making coffee for yourself as well as four friends, a moka pot is probably a better option. However, if much of your workweek is spent driving, and you like an occasional delicious beverage when a coffee shop isn’t near, consider adding the Minispresso to your traveling kit.