Is there a difference between tap water and filtered water?

If you want to remain healthy it’s important that you keep your body hydrated; drinking plenty of water is an excellent way of doing this. The great thing about water is that you have an ongoing supply available, coming from the taps in your home. But is the water that comes straight from the tap the best choice when it comes to having something to drink?

We are going to take a look at where your tap water comes from and what substances may be present in the water. We are also going to examine what the difference is between tap water and water which is filtered. Hopefully, you will be able to see that water which comes from a filtration device such as a water bubbler is a better option than tap water.

Where does your tap water come from and what is in it?

The water which comes from the taps in your home is either obtained from underground sources via a well or taken from surface water sources such as lakes and reservoirs. The utility company then treats the water to kill off any bugs which may be present. Chemicals such as chlorine are used during this process. They are highly effective but can detract from the taste of the water.

Once the water is treated it’s delivered to your home along a series of pipes. Along the way the water can pick up more chemicals as well as other additives and dirt. Obviously, it’s not ideal to have any of these items present in the water you drink.

What is the difference when water is filtered?

If you want to drink water that is clean and safe it’s a good idea to invest in some form of water filtration system for your home. Filtration systems remove dirt, chemicals and additives from the water, leaving only clean, fresh water which tastes good and is safe to drink.

It’s worth spending some time researching which filtration device or system is best for you, and investing the money to purchase the product. Doing both of these things means that you have ongoing access to a supply of drinking water which can help keep you hydrated and healthy.

It’s easy to think that all water is the same but, as you can see, filtered water is a much better fluid to drink. You can drink water straight from the tap but if you use water filtration you can have peace of mind knowing that the water you and your family drink is good to taste and safe. If you want to supplement your water intake with other fluids, such as fruit juice, this is not a problem. This is still a fluid which helps to keep you hydrated. Do not forget that you also take in water as part of your diet.

It’s vital that you make sure you take in enough fluids each day. Using a water filtration system means that you can happily include the water supplied to your home as part of this fluid intake.